4 Tips for Hosting a Paint and Sip Party

4 Tips for Hosting a Paint and Sip Party

27th Feb 2020

Social painting is an increasingly popular phenomenon. Getting people together to paint provides a venue for relaxed creativity within the community and people are bound to have lots of fun along the way. Paint and sip parties combine fine wine and group painting into one pleasant night. If you’re looking to have your own event, here are some tips for hosting a paint and sip party.

Offer Unique Art Lessons

Paint and sips are popular enough now that you can assume many of your guests have experienced one. For this reason, you’ll need to be creative with the project you introduce. Depart from the conventional watercolor and canvas set up and think of something new. One option is to repaint a piece of furniture together or maybe have everyone plan a design together and make it really colorful.

Make Your Own Paint Together

To spice up your painting activity, consider having everyone make their own paints. This can be part of the fun, as long as you come with all of the necessary ingredients, including Pigment Powder, a binder, and a medium/solvent or two. When you combine Pigment Powder with an opaque medium, the resulting paint is lighter than the Pigment, while clear mediums ensure your paint is darker than the Powder. If you want more variation, consider ways to incorporate Mica Pigment Powder, which adds a unique, pearlescent sparkle to your project.

Buy the Right Wine

Another tip for hosting a paint and sip party is to make sure the sip part of the event is memorable. Ask everyone coming what kind of wine they would like and buy the amount that you think would suffice for the group. Buying two bottles for every three to four people is a good rule of thumb.

Get Visitors to Bring a Dish

As for food, ask everyone coming if they can bring a small dish to share. This also makes the night more interesting and lightens your financial load. If you want to limit how much you spend even more, ask if they can bring a bottle of wine, too. That way you can focus on buying quality paint supplies and know that everyone has food and drink they enjoy.