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Zero Gloss Varnish

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  • Dead flat Water-based acrylic
  • For Walls, furniture, plasters
  • Excellent final coat for our Stonewashing Recipe!
  • Low VOC
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Technical Data

A dead flat varnish ideal for surfaces where reflection inhibits the look of the decor. This product is water -based acrylic urethane and is the most transparent dead flat varnish on the market. It helps dissimulate defects on decorative finishes and art work. It applies like any other water-based varnish with a roller or a brush. Perfect sealer for Casein paints, lime washes and plasters to provide a barrier against dirt and create a surface that is washable with soap and water.

Coverage: 100-150 sq ft per quart

Pro Tip: One or two coat application if desired. It can be recoated in approximately 2-4 hours depending on the humidity. However over night would allow the moisture to evaporate out of the surface before applying another coat and entrapping the moisture.

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