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Testing for cosmetic use is highly regulated to protect the small number of consumers that may experience a reaction to a particular ingredient. Since we have not participated in this type of testing The Earth Pigments Company makes NO claim whatsoever as to the suitability of ANY of its products for cosmetic use.

Our Ochers and natural loams have been used safely in soap manufacture. Those natural colors include our Ochers, Umbers and Siennas. However because the producing quarry does not promote these products for this use, it is up to the customer to perform testing of the final product.

Other pigment products sold by us, including Mineral Pigments, Oxide Pigments, Mica Powders, binders and mediums have not been tested for purposes other than natural, safe paints and finishes, and are not promoted for cosmetic use as their manufacture and processing have not been targeted for this use.

It is the responsibility of the consumer to use our products in a safe and responsible way. For use of our products other than those recommended, it is the responsibility of the customer to conduct compatibility testing.

Safety Guidelines for our Pigments, Binders and Mediums

Since computer monitors, tablets and smartphones may differ in how they display colors, the actual pigment powders we sell may differ slightly from their product image as displayed on your device. We do not guarantee colors based on these images.