Dry Powder Pigments

Below you will find our full selection of dry Powder Pigments, grouped into categories by type. We feature a wide range of colors with each pigment available in a size just right for your project. The Earth Pigments Company offers the highest quality dry Powder Pigments from around the world, including France, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany and USA. Our products are perfect for just about any fine art, craft, DIY, architectural or industrial application that you can think of. Browse our incredible selection of dry powder pigments below, and feel free to get in touch with us for a FREE color consultation today!

Natural Earth & Ochers

Shop Natural Earth & Ocher Pigments

Natural Earth and Ocher pigments are all natural colors from the earth. They produce soft, semi-transparent colors with undertones that become apparent when mixed into opaque bases. Their tinting strength will not be as strong or opaque as our oxide pigments, but their colors cannot be matched by man-made pigments. They are non-toxic and environmentally & responsibly sourced from Europe, with a few USA sourced colors.

French Minerals

Shop French Mineral Pigments

French Mineral pigments are colors created exclusively by the society of ochers in france. They reflect the beauty of the French Countryside and are 90-99% natural, utilizing Oxides as 10% or less of their composition. Like the Natural Earths and Ochers, these pigments produce lovely, soft tones with delicate pastels in white bases. French Minerals are non-toxic and are environmentally & responsibly manufactured.


Shop Primary Pigments

Primaries pigments are generally artist colors with many considered primary colors. Here you will find some replacements for toxic cadmium colors, along with non-toxic reproductions of bright historical pigments. The versatile selection of colors can be used in a variety of art, craft and architectural projects. Please refer to the description for each individual color for its suitability in lime washes or lime plasters and cements. All are suitable for use in Milk paints with lime. They are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards for non-toxic, environmentally and responsibly sourced pigments.


Shop Oxide Pigments

Oxides are the work horses of the pigment world. They are opaque and strong tinting man-made colors. Oxides are reliable tinters suitable for all mediums including arts and crafts, plasters, cements and more. They are manufactured by the synthesis of natural ingredients, being non-toxic and responsibly produced.

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