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Paris Green Reproduction

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  • Non-toxic Reproduction
  • Good UV Stability
  • Suitable for all mediums including Fresco
  • Not Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical Grade
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Product Details

Pigment Type: Primary Pigments are primary colors, and colors that are unique because they cannot be produced by mixing other pigments together. They are an excellent nontoxic alternative to some of the Cadmium Colors. Our Primary Pigments are semi-transparent and possess good tinting strength. Although not lime or cement stable, they are very popular for Interior use in Gypsum and Clay plasters to produce bright colors.
Country of Origin: Italy
Composition: An azo organic pigment fixed on a mineral base.
Chemical Formula: PG7 + PB 15:3 CAC03
Lightfastness: Good UV Stability
Particle Size50 micron (325 mesh)
Heat Stability: Color Stable to 280° F
Packaging: 100g: 4 oz recyclable plastic jar
500g and above: double plastic bag
Note: Use care when handling any dry pigment.
Avoid inhaling pigment dust.
Our pigments are not sold for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, tattoo ink or food use.


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