Idea Gallery: Exterior Plaster

Private residence - Monterey, California

"We chose to use Ocher tinted hydrated lime based finishes for our house projects in Monterey, California for a number of reasons.

"First and formeost the richness and vibrancy of the colors, in their glorious earthtones, could simply not be matched by any other coloring medium. Nothing approaches the tones we achieved, especially reflected in California's sunny climate, which is so similar to the Mediterranean's.

"Secondly, Ocher tinted hydrated lime is a product that is waterproof yet breathes. It is the perfect companion for our insulated concrete form construction methodology, and it should provide many decades of maintenance free, beautiful finish.

"Thirdly, our stucco and plastering contractor was vastly impressed by the ease of application and quality of this product. The application was far easier than traditional stucco topcoat, the Ocher coloring had no residual color spots, and the total absence of post-cure cracking was remarkable.

"We also chose to use Ocher tinting for all of our interior plaster walls. The richness of the colors was unmatched and the breadth of the color palette allowed us to go from warm and natural earth tones for public rooms to vibrant blues and pinks for children's rooms. Our plastering contractor said that he had never worked with a product that delivered such consistent and easy to use coloring for thinwall plaster."

 - G.S., Monterey CA