Idea Gallery: Interior Plaster

Escobar's Restaurant

Wall finish: 5% Natural Yellow.
Columns: 5% Natural Red.

Upper wall finish: 5% Lavender Blue.
Lower wall finish: 5% Natural Red.

Tom Farrar, Paint and Plaster Contractor, applying plaster colored with our
Natural Yellow pigment.

Renovator/Designer Michael Markstahler, and Paint/Plaster Contractor Tom Farrar used our Natural Earth and Ocher and French Mineral pigments in the renovation of two adjacent buildings, which became Escobar's resturant in Champaign, Illinois in 2006.

"I had two goals for the interior walls of the new restaurant, Escobar's, that I was designing. One was to move towards green building practices by reducing off gassing of volatiles such as paints. The other was to create walls that felt as if they had stood for centuries with colors that had reacted to time and weather. I wanted the color to come from inside of the wall rather than to lay upon the surface. Thus I choose natural minerals to mix into our parging rather than a surface application of paint. I have been pleased by the number of native South and Central Americans who have dined at the restaurant and have said it feels like they are home."
 - Michael Markstahler, Renewal Development Inc.

"... the owners of Escobar's are nearly delirious with the interior finishes; your product worked great and was consistent throughout!"
 - Tom Farrar, Paint and Plaster Contractor

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