3 Reasons to Make Painting Your New Hobby

3 Reasons to Make Painting Your New Hobby

30th Apr 2020

We all need to create. Our creativity affords us purpose and the sense that we’re constructing something. That’s where a fulfilling hobby comes in. Painting is one such hobby that encapsulates creation and expression. If you’d like to hear reasons to make painting your new hobby, read on about what makes it unique.

You Don’t Need to Express Yourself in Words

This mode is one that doesn’t require words. So many others—such as singing, poetry, blogging, and comedy—require that you express your sentiment in words. Painting, like sculpture and wood carving, doesn’t require you to crystallize anything into words. For many, sketching out an idea in prose, or even journaling, simply doesn’t connect like some modes can.

With painting, your expression flows through a paintbrush, through the motions your hand makes, and through the emotions that lie behind it all. If you struggle to find words sometimes, pick up a brush instead. If painting is right for you, you’ll find it a unique hobby that helps you process your thoughts and feelings without putting a sentence together. Also, you can channel these thoughts and feelings into a tangible creation that perhaps engages you with a deeper purpose than you had considered before.

There’s So Much Flexibility

Practically, another reason to make painting your new hobby is the flexibility it allows. For one, you can use so many different materials and surfaces. You can paint large murals or taper down and make small detail-laden pieces.

Also, you can create your own painting materials. For example, if you research Mica Color Powder Pigment and think it would add a stunning metallic sheen to your paintings, you can use it to create your own Mica paints. Create as much of it and other paints as you want; you may just enjoy the paint-building process as much as the actual painting.

It Slows You Down

Being attentive to a painting project also has an uncanny ability to slow you down. In a world where disruption breaks in almost against our will, where we are conscious of responsibilities all day, painting for its own sake silences those disruptions.

In fact, it could pleasantly slow your entire family’s life down if you all paint together. Imagine a night in together—everyone receives their own brush and canvas to create their masterpiece. This sounds like a night everyone can enjoy together; the kids can show off their paintings and parents can spend some wordless time simply being present with each other. Though these times of slowing down may not go exactly as planned, you’re very likely to conquer some of the world’s noise that night.

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