How to Use Metallic Mica Pigment Powder

How to Use Metallic Mica Pigment Powder

23rd Jan 2020

Metallic Mica powders are excellent additions to art and architectural projects, but what exactly is mica powder? Here are some facts that allow for a better understanding of mica pigment powder so that you know exactly what you’re using.

How Is It Formed?

Mica is formed from minerals in the earth that crystallize into sheets. These crystals come together to form a pegmatite, a rock structure covered with crystals regardless of actual mineral composition. Around 50% of mica deposits are found in India, but all our Micas come from reputable, humane sources in China. How does Metallic Mica Powder differ from Flakes? We offer mica in two different forms, one as a natural flake and the other as a metallic mica powder. Flakes are sold as a natural product, ground to various flake sizes from the sheets that form in nature. These sheets will vary in coloration depending upon the minerals that make up the various mica types. Mica Powders, on the other hand, are natural mica ground to an extremely fine powder. This powder is then coated with various Oxides to create a metallic color, and make the particles safe. This process is not merely mixing the two together, but instead is a fusing through heat and pressure. This permanently bonds the pigments onto the surface of each mica particle.

How are they used?

In art and projects, mica pigment powders are used in clear or translucent mediums only to take maximum advantage of their sheen or sparkle. The particles are so tiny that they are buried if mixed into anything opaque. They can be mixed to create a uniform metallic color, or dosed lighter to create a subtle metallic sheen. Egg Tempera Artists will find them particularly useful, especially in Iconography. They also sparkle in oil paints and watercolors. For walls and furniture they can be mixed with waxes, glazes and other transparent topcoats such as shellac. Mica Powders as well as flakes are brilliant in clear epoxies for countertops and floors. Best of all, they will never tarnish and are not toxic. To better understand mica pigment powder and how it can open up new creative avenues for expression, get in touch with The Earth Pigments Company.

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