The Benefits of Buying Pigment Instead of Paint

The Benefits of Buying Pigment Instead of Paint

16th Oct 2019

There are several different methods of painting, and various mediums to match. Different artists are apt to use different materials according to their preferences and styles. While many artists purchase ready-made paint, we believe there are several benefits to purchasing Pigments instead. Not only are they incredibly rich in color, but Pigments have several other redeeming factors as well. Below we list a few of these.

They’re Versatile

While many painters prefer to focus on a single medium, many will choose to dabble in a variety of different paint types. This may cause painters to amass a large collection of different art supplies, which can result in both a large monetary investment and clutter. When you purchase Pigments, you can use them to create a variety of different types of paint. If you know how to DIY make your paints, the possibilities become endless.

They Won’t Dry Out

Many pre-made paints will inevitably dry out over time. In contrast, Pigments have an incredibly long shelf life when stored correctly. If you keep the lid screwed on tight enough, and keep your Pigments in a cool environment, you won’t need to replace them any time soon.

They Cost Less

The long-term cost of Pigments is significantly less than it would be for a tube of paint. Even if a jar of Pigment initially costs the same as a tube, your supply will likely last longer. Pigment can be used modestly, and it lasts for an incredibly long time before you need to replace it.

They’re More Customizable

Color Pigment powders are one of the most customizable mediums of art available. They allow an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to paint type, density, and color. Not only can they be used in traditional projects, but they can also be used for waxes or stains. They allow you to create the perfect color and texture for the result you’d like to achieve. It’s useful to have materials on hand that you can customize according to your needs, and Pigment powders are an excellent option for this.

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