Integral Color for Tile Grout

Using pigments from our Oxide category to tint grout can greatly enhance the beauty of tile. This category of pigments is recommended over other pigment types because of a stronger tinting strength to achieve pastel to mid tone colors. Do not use pigments from the Primaries Category as these are not color stable in lime and cement applications.

Ratios should not exceed 10% to the weight of un-tinted, dry grout. Grey cement grout will produce a different tone than white cement grout. Some white grouts will already contain pigment in the form of Titanium Dioxide which will further lighten the color achieved when adding additional pigment. If using a grout that already has pigment in it, do not exceed 3% ratio of pigment to the weight of the dry grout mix. The color can be further saturated with the use of a grout sealer.

Pro Tips:

  • Use Oxide pigments for best results
  • Do not exceed 10% pigment to the dry grout weight
  • Grey Grout will produce a different tone than white
  • Sealer over the grout will enhance the color