Artist's Acrylic Gel Medium

Acrylic Gel Medium is an easy way to enjoy working with all of our pigment colors. It is low odor, easy to work with, and cleans up with soap and water. Any acrylic medium such as those from Golden or Liquitex are suitable. Because Acrylic is a clear medium when dry, the colors you achieve will be saturated to their darkest tone. Mixing with white will create lighter tints. To mix with white it is suggested that a white acrylic paint be made using our Titanium White Pigment. To make a smoother mix, use this white paint to mix with other paint colors rather than trying to mix the Titanium White dry pigment in with other pigment colors.

Place a small amount of pigment onto your surface. Add approximately twice the amount in acrylic medium and a few drops of water. Using a palette knife, continuously work into a smooth mix. Some pigments may mix easier than others. Test your mixed paint for microbursting or clumping of pigment which would indicate inadequate mixing.