Going Green

Going Green

23rd Mar 2024

With the month of March and Spring upon us, we take time to reflect on the color green. This color symbolizes many things from nature, trees and good luck, to money and envy. Green represents tranquility, hope and renewal as well as imparting the idea of health. There are many shades of green in our pigment offering. Let’s discover even more tones of green that can be mixed using our pigment colors in various shades of yellow and blue.

Green is a secondary color. Secondary colors are defined as those colors resulting from the mixture of two primary colors. In the case of greens, the two colors are yellow and blue. But, by mixing pigments that are not primary and are still within the color family, you can get some beautiful, natural greens that sometimes might surprise.

All samples shown were created in Gum Arabic. The pigment ratio is 1 to 1, by volume.

The first green mix is using Ultramarine Blue and Yellow Iron Oxide. At first one would expect to obtain a more primary green. However, this results in a lovely Olive Green hue. Since Oxides tint stronger than other pigment types, this pigment combination can be particularly helpful when tinting opaque bases like cements or lime coatings.

A very similar olive tone is created by mixing Dark Yellow Ocher with Lavender Blue. This mix creates a unique very natural tone.

Turning to our French Mineral colors, a delicate teal green is achieved by mixing Turquoise Green with Sky Blue.

Getting into more secondary greens, this mix of primaries Medium Yellow Sun and Primary Blue produce a bright green. These two colors can be found in our Primaries Set as well as individually in the Primaries pigment category.

A versatile combination of two other colors in the Primaries category is Sunflower Yellow with Teal Duck. Saturated it becomes a dark green while more diluted on the white background it appears lighter.

And rounding up with a bright, modern green is Turquoise Blue Spinel combined with Lemon Yellow.

While not an exhaustive list of greens created by color mixing, it can be a start to complimenting the green pigments already offered within our pigment color selection. Look for more greens with these pigments from our four pigment categories:

Ancient Green Earth
Cyprus Green
Pistachio Green
Turquoise Green
Kelly Green
Medium Green Parrot
Monte Carlo Green
Teal Duck
Paris Green Reproduction

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