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Copper Mica Flakes Medium

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  • 1 lb
  • All natural product
  • Opaque, reflective copper
  • For paint, plaster, epoxy and more!
  • Not Cosmetic or Pharmaceutical Grade
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Product Details

A natural Muscovite Mica product. Suitable for many paints and coatings. May be broken up by crushing for larger distribution of particle size.

Country of Origin: China

Safety Instructions
Mica is a natural product with a variable particle size from flake to finer dust. A nusiance dust mask is recommended. Handle carefully to minimize making particles airborne. When using large quantities, use latex gloves and protective clothing.
Clean up area well after use. Not sold for Cosmetic or food applications.

Dosing instructions
Plasters: Add 8 oz to 16 oz by volume to each 5 gal bucket of wet plaster.
Epoxy: 8 oz covers approximately 175 sq ft for floors, countertops, etc. Mix into base coat, apply clear coats over top for multiple layers.

Artistic applications are only limited by your imagination!


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