Hide Glue

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  • Fine grained, high-quality glue
  • Archival quality, gram strength of 222
  • Use to make water-based, tempera paints
  • Use in authentic Native American painting on rawhide
  • Great also for gesso use
  • Made in USA
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Product Details

Parts by volume:

  • 1 part Hide Glue
  • 10 parts water

Stir the hide glue into the measure of water. Allow to soak overnight so the granules swell. In a double boiler set up, heat the glue/water mixture to 140 degrees F, stirring until the granules completely dissolve. Do not exceed the temperature of 140 degrees F.

The glue should remain warm during use. As it cools, the glue will thicken until it eventually hardens. It can be stored in this state and reheated for use several times before the glue will begin to lose strength.

To mix with pigments, stir the warmed glue into the pigment powder, blending until smooth. The glue can be diluted with water as needed for use.

Quantities over 1 Lb may be bulk packed

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