Ultra Casein Powder

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  • Water-based medium with very versatile effects for artist's paint or home decoration
  • Serves as a ground or gesso
  • Finer powder than ordinary caseins on the market and has superior adhesion
  • Made in USA
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Product Details

Casein powder must be soaked in cold water prior to use. The initial amount of water depends upon the recipe it is being prepared for. It is important to stir the cold water into the Casein powder slowly to avoid creating lumps. Once completely wetted, allow the mixture to sit for several hours to overnight to be absorbed, then proceed with your recipe. Some recipes will also call for heating the Casein. It is important not to exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit . Straining through cheesecloth can be a helpful step for Casein based paints. Casein can also be used as an additional binder in recipes such as lime wash.

Casein will need an alkali to convert it into a glue (binder). This can be Ammonium Carbonate (Bakers Ammonia), Lime, Borax or Alum. Only Ammonium Carbonate and Lime will create paints that dry insoluble to water once dry. Borax or Alum create paints that are weaker and can be still be dissolved with water once dry. The Casein binder is very strong and shrinks as it dries. It is important to have the ratios correct for both the alkali and the pigment/filler used. Casein paints have a tendency to gel if stored. Therefore it is recommended to create fresh Casein paints for each painting session.

Casein is a translucent mixture, so pigments will not be tinted lighter but instead will saturate to a darker tone. This can be mitigated by a filler such as Whiting Chalk or Kaolin Clay. To mix with pigments, it is advisable to use water to create a color paste with the pigment first, then add into the prepared Casein binder. Ammonium Carbonate recipes may require the use of lime stable pigments due to the high alkalinity.

All quantities are double packed in bags

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